Preschool Recreational Program

Ready for fun and friends? Then this is the place! Our preschool classes are for children 18 months to 5 years old, and are built on a foundation of fun and safety. These classes are held in our dedicated “Junior Gym” which features sized down equipment to best accommodate these pint-sized dynamos! Proper skill progression is very important in these classes as it sets the groundwork for future levels. These classes not only promote social development like taking turns, listening, sharing, and patience, but also incorporate fitness, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and body awareness. Our lessons include parachutes, hoops, balls, trampolines, foam/ball pits, and climbing apparatus, and we introduce all the Olympic equipment. Kids love the fun and parents love the learning!

Parent Participation:
  • Children 18 months to 3 years
  • 30 minutes long, once per week
  • One teacher per 12 children
  • Adult attendance required
Not just a “Mommy and Me” class! Your child can bring mom, dad, or even a grandparent into the gym for lots of fun and fitness. Having the young child be with a family member allows them the opportunity to grow comfortable in a group setting and at their own pace. Safety is very important so each class is structured with planned activities yet allows for 5-8 minutes at the end for supervised free-play time. This is a wonderful way for the parent/family member and child to share, bond, and communicate in a fun and energetic setting!

Preschool 3 years old:
  • Children who are 3+ years by 10/31
  • 45 minutes long, once per week
  • One teacher per 6 children, co-ed
Ready to run, jump, swing, and bounce? We’ll get these monkeys moving!! These classes are for the child who is ready to come into the gym and follow instructions without parental assistance. We use the same equipment as the previous (but not required) Parent Participation class, and we add fun games and races. This class is structured and offers tons of fun!

Preschool 4 years old:
  • Children who are 4+ years by 10/31
  • 55 minutes long, once per week
  • One teacher per 8 children, co-ed
These kids are ready to move and learn! A little more emphasis is placed on gymnastics fundamentals, balancing, agility, and spatial awareness. We continue to incorporate games, races, trampoline, pits, and the various Olympic apparatus. Our lessons have plenty of fun activities built in while still challenging children to safely try new skills and activities. We encourage kids to keep trying and give it their best!


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